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Hot sale carbon additive Carburizers for steelmaking

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 Hot sale carbon additive, Carburizers for steelmaking

Recarburizers are used for refining steel recarburizers and cast iron recarburizers, as well as other additives to recarburizers, such as brake pad additives, as friction materials. The recarburizer belongs to the external steelmaking and iron-making carbon-increasing raw materials. High quality carbonizers are essential additives for the production of high quality steel.

 Hot sale carbon additive, Carburizers for steelmaking
For casting, cast iron, cast steel, castings will have a carbon requirement, then the carbonizer is to increase the carbon content in the molten iron. For example, in the smelting, the common charge is pig iron, scrap steel, and recycled material. The carbon content of pig iron is high, but the purchase price is higher than that of scrap steel. Therefore, increasing the amount of scrap steel, reducing the amount of pig iron, and adding carbonizer can play a role in reducing the cost of castings.
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Hot sale carbon additive, Carburizers for steelmaking


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The characteristics of the recarburizer itself select pure carbon-containing graphitized materials to reduce excessive impurities in the pig iron. The selection of the recarburizer can reduce the casting production cost.

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Production Equipment

Production capacity: Our factory actively response to government environmental protection policy, we designed and built the fully automatic controlled high temperature gas tunnel kiln (1700℃), and got capacity of annual output 70,000 tons of high quality refractory products.

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Packing Details
Packing details:

★Bricks: Fumigated wooden pallet with log paperboard covered and stainless steel band strapping, the whole outside is wrapped with thermoplastic film. Or carton packaging.

★Wooden pallet size: usually 92*92cm (standard brick)

★Castable: Ton bag with rain film and 25kg bags inside

★Or according to customer’s requirements


★Port of dispatch: Tianjin port; Qingdao port

★Delivery time: According to customer’s demand or two sides negotiate

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