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The characteristics of steel fiber castable

2022-06-17 09:48:23

Steel fiber castables are used in the outlet, top, side walls of boilers and furnaces, and are widely used in steel, metallurgy, chemical and building materials industries. Refractory castables are also called unshaped refractory castables. Its use In fact, the method is basically the same as the use of concrete. After the selected formula and raw materials are uniformly mixed and processed, the vibrating rod can be used to compact it, and it can be cured and heated. However, due to the particularity of the use part of the unshaped castable, it depends on the site conditions. The construction quality of the castable also needs to be guaranteed.

On the basis of using high-alumina clinker as aggregate and powder for its important part, adding appropriate steel fiber to strengthen the castable is characterized by high strength, good toughness, good thermal shock stability, spalling resistance and resistance. It has the characteristics of strong grinding performance, etc., and is used in the parts where the temperature step change is more likely to cause damage to the furnace wall.

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Steel fiber castables have the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, good thermal shock stability, and strong spalling resistance and wear resistance. Widely used in cement rotary kiln kiln mouth, cooler, coal injection pipe, decomposition furnace, preheater and other parts.

Steel fiber castable is made of super-grade bauxite clinker as aggregate, high-quality bauxite clinker and corundum fine powder as matrix, ultrafine powder and other composite materials as binder and additives, plus stainless steel heat-resistant fiber. made. In addition to the conventional high temperature wear resistance of this product, a certain amount of heat-resistant stainless steel fibers are added to its ingredients to prevent the difference between the aggregate and the matrix in the material at high temperature The furnace wall is damaged due to the stress generated by the temperature gradient change generated during the time, and at the same time, due to the addition of steel fibers, the overall strength of the furnace wall is greatly enhanced after the material is poured. In CFB boilers, it is often used in furnace outlet and side wall, top, straight section of cyclone separator, top of cyclone separator, return material and other parts.

Product description of steel fiber refractory castable

Steel fiber refractory castable is made of high alumina clinker or brown corundum as aggregate and powder, adding binder and appropriate amount of heat resistance, stainless steel fiber and additives. Refractory castables.

Steel fiber refractory castable has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, and good wear resistance.

Steel fiber refractory castable products are divided into two types: ordinary stainless steel fiber refractory castable and nickel-plated stainless steel fiber reinforced refractory castable. Among them, nickel-plated stainless steel fiber refractory castable technology has better high temperature resistance and anti-rubbing performance.

Steel fiber refractory castables are mainly used for high temperature vulnerable parts of metallurgy, building materials and circulating fluidized bed boilers.