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High alumina heat storage regenerative ball for industrial furnace

2022-06-10 09:28:44

The high-alumina heat storage ball is a ceramic product made of α-alumina powder as the basic raw material, with an alumina content of more than 92%, after rolling or pressing, and sintering at a high temperature of 1600 degrees Celsius.

High-aluminum heat storage balls are also called spherical heat storage bodies. The spherical heat storage bodies have the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage, high strength, easy cleaning, and reusability.

Widely used in aluminum alloy melting, steel mill regenerative rolling furnace, and other industrial furnaces. Through double preheating of natural gas and air, the heat loss in the furnace is reduced to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

storage regenerative ball.png

Main specifications of high aluminum heat storage ball: Φ13, 16, 19, 25, 30, 35, 50mm

1. Small solid conduction radius, small thermal resistance, high density, and good thermal conductivity, so it can meet the requirements of frequent and rapid reversal of thermally conductive burners.

2. The heat conductor can be commutated 20~30 times/h, and the high-temperature airflow can reduce the flue gas to about 130 ℃ after passing through the heat storage pebble bed.

3. The high-temperature natural gas and air can be preheated to only about 100°C lower than the flue gas temperature by passing through the heat conductor in the same path, and the temperature efficiency is as high as 90% or more.

4. Due to the very small size of the heat conductor and the strong flow capacity of the high-aluminum heat storage ball bed, even if the resistance increases after ash accumulation, the heat exchange index will not be affected.

5. The high-alumina heat storage ball has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and strong slag resistance.

6. The replacement and cleaning of the high-aluminum heat storage ball are very convenient, and they can be reused.